Sunday, January 3, 2010

MY LOHAS生活志 (台湾版)

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这是台湾出版的杂志. 从以前的双周刊到现在的月刊, 好事一桩(就不用等太久了)~
虽然我在这里只可以买到过期的my lohas, 但好过没有咯! XD

他们真的很用心, 除了提供很多有用的日常环保知识, 杂志还是采用取得环保标章的清荷环保纸和环保大豆油墨印刷呢! 他们会报道关于在台湾进行的一些环抱活动, 也没忘了加入外国的案例和活动. 他们还曾经介绍大马热情的岛屿哩!

从2007年第10期至今,我共收集了10了本. 很可惜, 间中错过了好多期, 但还是感恩让我发现到它的好.

这个四月我将登陆台湾了, 到时候就可以买到最新一期了, 很期待~

This is a Taiwanese magazine about LOHAS (as suggested by the name of the mag).
What is LOHAS? Lifestyle of Health And Sustainability. For the explaination for each ofthe word, please look up in english dictionary.

What I love about this magazine is they provide loads of infos and ways of improving the way of living, for a healthier life. They are not only published news in Taiwan, they also gather much informations from every corner of the world.

I used to buy it from a 24-hour convenient store near my office. Although it's always the backdated copies, but I'm satisfied. (better than none, right?) Good that I owned 10 issues already since 2007 no.10, but too bad I missed out many many months of good infos. But still I'm glad that I know about this great magazine.

I'll be landing in Taiwan this coming April, and I hope to get the latest issue there! Ha, isn't that great?


  1. Hi, May i know that where can i buy this magazine? I have been collecting it as well but unfortunately its not consistant in the book shop. Hope that you can share with me. i love this magazine so much

  2. LaurenZai: hi! i usually bought this in a convenient store named 'All Day' in damansara perdana. but is backdated one, like last week i bought a 'march 2010' copy.
    I've seen this magazine in popular too, sometimes. Kinokuniya has them in more updated one, either that month itself or maybe just 1-2 months back, but more expensive.
    have fun reading them! =)

  3. Hello!Ihave seen the latest verstion in Kinokuniya.. currently is the August 2010 version.. but slightly expensive than the store outthere.. I like this magazines as well..

  4. hello, Ping~
    yes, kinokuniya has the more updated ones, but i rather wait for the cheaper copies. XD