Saturday, January 22, 2011

Pinang Peranakan Mansion

 I was walking on Church St and found out that Pinang Peranakan Mansion is there!
We didn't enter when I was here with my family years ago. So since I was alone, I might as well visit.

 Everything is so rich in colour and texture.

 This is one of the many dining halls in this building.
 Looking to back hall and void from back corridor on first floor.

 This is one of the popular spots for wedding potrait.

 Opium bed.

 A very old camera.

 The back yard on ground floor. I remember this place as one of the scenes in a local drama.

The colourful tags are actually from visitors.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

A random walk in Penang Island

I was in Penang for my friend's wedding dinner last weekend.
Since I was there, so I might as well have a walk before boarding flight back to PJ on Monday night.

I paid RM2.60 for the SP-Butterworth bus ride 4 years ago.
Now it's RM3.90 already.

Reaching Penang Island by ferry from Butterworth.

 I used to dance at the first floor of this building when I was in USM.

 Georgetown Chambers.
But I don't what is it for.

Art deco building on Beach St.

A corridor along Church St.

A building on Church St.

I'm happy to see the old and heritage buildings are well maintained.
Let Penang holds the title presented by UNESCO with pride.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

DIY: handphone pouch for jy

JY requested a pouch for her handphone.
That's when I brought out all the fabric and leather samples to choose.

The fabrics, and the Union Jack pattern requested by JY. 
It's made of ribbons bought from Singapore years ago.

The finished look.
The front pocket is meant for her to put cards. But I had miscalculated and it couldn't fit any card.
Too bad, but I promised to make her a new one.
Stay tune!

Monday, January 3, 2011

New year 20!!

I started my new year in hectic and laid back at the same time, which I was least expected.
Minutes before everyone shouting 'happy new year' and watching fireworks, I was still working in the office.
I was just hanging at home whole day on 1st of January.
Does that symbolise my year 2011? =)

I love busy life with some moments of going away from it.

My year 2010 was great as I was busy in living a life.
Yes, i mean A L-I-F-E.
Working, dancing, travelling, cooking & eating, sewing, taking photos etc.
I've finally changed job after staying for 4 years at the previous company.
I'd performed dance, learned choreography and also choreographed my own solo dance.
I'd been to Ho Chi Minh City and Taipei last year.
I cook and eat at home whenever I can.
I bought a good sewing machine and I sew bags for myself, and also gifts for friends.
I started to play film photos with an abandoned Canon film camera. I bought a Ricoh semipro camera.

 This year I'll be busy attending weddings.
I still wish to get a good DSLR.
I'm thinking of attending a class, maybe yoga or guitar.
I'm still learning to become a better designer.
I want to go for more vacations.

That's the way I like it.
And I'll continue whatever I'm doing.

Happy new year!