Monday, January 11, 2010

Make your own calendar!

I've been talking about this for quite a few years, until last December I finally made up my mind that 'I really have to do it NOW!'

At first I was thinking to print out copies to be presented to friends. But then, that's not a 'green' way. As most of my friends are working, so most probably they will get free calendars from suppliers, shops and clients. So finally I thought I'll just keep for myself - to display as wallpaper on my desktop. That is 'green'~ :) Plus, my desk is so crowded that I've no place to put calendar anymore.

This photo I chose for January as the kid flew the kite by running, it looks like a great way to start a fresh new year~

For February, it's Chinese new year month! Means celebration!

This is how it looks on my desktop.

So try making your own one.
It's simple. Just get your favourite pictures or artworks, type or copy the months and dates, put them into your preferred layout, and voila! It's done, and it's your personal calendar! =)


  1. Make one for me with my artworks? (i.e. only if you have the spare time...)

  2. papa: no problem~ black background too?

  3. daisy: thanks! u can try too, it's easy!