Saturday, October 29, 2011

Yokohama in film

Waiting for the train to go to Chinatown in Yokohama


Yokohama port.

Street show.

 Osanbashi Yokohama International Passenger Terminal.

 Redbrick house at night.


Friday, October 28, 2011

Yokohama 横滨

Yokohama is one of my favourite place during my last trip to Tokyo.
I did plan to visit for the second time after the outing with LW and LC, but time just didn't allow me to do that.
If I go to Japan again, I'll sure revisit Yokohama. :)

Heading to Chinatown.

We had buns to fill a part of our tummies first before we had proper lunch.

We had our lunch here, with very nice decor.

Walking towards seaside.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Olympus Pen EE-3 from flea market

That's what I like about flea market, it's like digging treasure from people's unwanted stuffs.

When I first reached Tokyo, the first thing I wanted to do was to visit a flea market.
It's one of the way to know more about the lifestyle and culture of the people.

On my way to Meiji Koen 明治公园 from Aoyama station.
Keep walking.

When I was contemplating which way to go further, I saw these pretty ladies walking to my direction.
So I asked them for the flea market, but none of them aware about it.
They were heading to a wedding reception, but they were kind enough to ask me to walk along with them to the police hut nearby.
So sweet~

Finally I got the direction from a guard which he gave me a map to refer. :)
Passing by this huge stadium.

 After half an hour of searching, I reached here finally!

(clockwise from top left):
A teapot I love, so cute;
the uncle that sold the camera to me;
a tent as shade;
used electrical goods selling at cheap price.

So here's my treasure!
Olympus Pen EE-3 for 1000yen only!
Such a great deal~

Friday, October 14, 2011

I'm a Muji fan

I visited Muji almost everyday when I was in Tokyo last week, :)

(clockwise from top left):
neck support in grey colour;
long sleeves t-shirts black and grey colour one each;
assorted rice kits and curry kit;
foot covers in beige and grey colour one each;
cheek brush and blusher;
and transparent name card holder.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Camera stuffs from Tokyo

Yes, I'm back from Tokyo with all the memories inside these bottles. ;)

Of course, who could miss camera stuffs from Japan?
(clockwise from top left) Olympus Pen EE-3 from flea market in Meiji Kouen for only 1000yen; rubber stamps of EE-3 and Diana F, 473yen each from Popeye Camera; clips from Popeye Camera too, 126yen each; and Kodak Super Gold 400 (3x24) for 680yen, from Kitamura.