Wednesday, August 21, 2013

I try to sketch -Sarikei series

I have an artist dad, but I don't really excel in art that well.
I enjoyed drawing/painting very much since young, and I grew up with a lot of drawing pads, colour pencils, oil pastels, etc. I still remember I drew the entrance of a supermarket we frequented that time.
I wish I kept the drawing. ;)

However, when we started to use water colour as medium during art class in primary school, I didn't do well. I just couldn't produce an art work in water colour that I would be happy to look at.

I missed oil pastel.

Until I reached Form 3, I had a very patient and soft spoken art teacher, that I had no fear to paint in water colour and I did quite well! I was so happy then. Too bad art class was not in the syllabus after the year, so I lost track with painting again.

When I studied interior design in university, we were already the computer aided generation.
I still not too good in painting or sketching.
Even when I started working, I was so used to technology that I didn't even sketch properly.

So now I'm at the stage that coordination and management is taking much of my working time, I have too little time for producing computer generated 3d perspective views. I had to sketch my ideas to pass to 3d visualizer to do that.
For that, I vowed to improve my sketching. I bring along a sketchbook with me almost everyday.
I sketch whenever I see something memorable or nice cafes/places I go.

That's my art story and wah, I'm that long-winded huh. XD
Ok, I did some sketching at friend's house in Sarikei in June 2013. 
It was a relaxing trip for me. I could just sit somewhere and watch the birds flying, the chicken walking around, the dogs sleeping and the rain dropping.

Spot the cats.
There's more actually, but they kept on moving/changing places.
Well, I think I sketched too slow. haha.

To the wet kitchen.

While sitting at the lanai area and enjoyed watching the rain.
I seldom like rainy day as I prefer sunny.
But this time it was just...a gaze into the nature while feeling the cool breeze.

I hope these are not the best I could produce, wish me to improve day by day! 

Monday, August 19, 2013

Book: 左京都男子休日 Sakyoto daily day-off


Chenyee bought this book in Taiwan.

Two Taiwanese young men traveled to Sakyoto and tried living like people there.
A lot of nice film photos featured in the book, and also simple and nice articles to read.

Their facebook page.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Popular book fest 2013

We didn't want to miss the book fair, again.
Even if the books are piling up in our apartment, and some we have yet to flip through.

Well, we couldn't resist it. ;)
But we didn't buy as much already this year.

We still focus on food, design and health.
I only bought the magazine 小日子, the rest taken by fy and chenyee.

 CD time!
万芳 and David Tao 陶喆.

'Love, after all' album is like a book.
There's illustration and blank pages, for writing maybe.