Friday, January 15, 2010

Movie: Julie & Julia

It was a fine Sunday afternoon (well, it's still sunny then but by late noon the rain visited), I was sewing my passport holder while watching this dvd. When I first saw the trailer months ago, I'd got some interest to watch it. (Oh boy, the last movie I watched was Seraphine back in May 2009!)

The movie is as good as I expected. The actors, especially, made the movie looked even greater, other than good storyline and good setting. I love how the way they made the two different stories went along so well, like 'blending' in together, in fact both the main actress didn't even 'meet' each other!

Meryl Streep is always the actress I've confidence that she will act in good movies. And Amy Adams is surprising me, even I didn't watch Enchanted, the only movie I knew she's in. I know she's a beauty, but I never knew her acting is greater~ =)

So go and watch this movie. It's inspiring! Apart from that, Bon Appetit!

You can check out the real Julie Powell's blog here.


  1. I really enjoyed the movie, i do not think it will show in Malaysia though. HA, i was actually want end to find Julie's blog, but really forgotten, thanks for your sharing ^ ^

  2. oh hello~
    nice movie right? oh i thought it will be shown here, maybe later...

    enjoy the blog! =)