Friday, January 1, 2010

2010: For another great year

2009's been a great year for me. I did what I love, and I'll continue with that this year.
And finally I secured flight ticket to Taiwan with my sis, hooray!
That's a country with full of art, creativity and fun~ I just can't wait to land in that island! =D

I didn't plan to go out on new year eve, as usual. But then a friend of mine asked me to accompany her to have dinner, so I accepted the invitation. Didn't I realize that they are going to stay to see fireworks in 1utama! Hoho, that's why I was there and captured some of the beautiful sparks~


  1. Nice new blog! Will put it on my blogroll...

  2. Happy New Year!
    added ur blog in my link ^^

  3. Happy New Year 2010!!!! MAy your brand new year fill with joyness !!!

  4. papa: started quite a while ago, just didn't 'promote'~

    XY & Choi yen: yeah ,have a great 2010!