Thursday, December 19, 2019

my 2019

Gonna continue my annual thing to summarize the year.
Basically work and play is tied together this year. Apart from Okinawa (also work+play) I'd been on cuti-cuti Malaysia mode. Went to Kemaman and Cherating twice, Cameron Tree House for family trip (I miss the wonderful food!), did pop up cafe in places, work collaborations with friends. Many picnics is a must, although some of them were work related, but fun leh!
However, my wish to find a nice house as living cum working space has yet to be fulfilled. Hopefully by early next year it could be granted. (guan im ma popi popi )

Shopping bags from up-cycled flour bags

I always have many flour bags since I'm baking bread. I thought, what to do with them?
So one day I tried sewing a shopping bag from the flour pack and brought it to shop at A Bit Less Bulk Store. Many people complimented on the look and durability.

After a few months of using it. I can proudly say that it's really useful!
I made some alterations on the design for better usage.

Then A Bit Less approached me to make some to sell at their store.
But I thought maybe I could help to raise some fund for Zero Waste Malaysia since they're in need?
So then we started the collaboration for Project 0.

If you wish to donate to Zero Waste Malaysia, please click on this link to do so! Thank you very much!

 Aren't they cute?

 Good for carrying books.

So happy to know that they area all well received and we've since sold 10 bags!
More to come, so do check out A Bit Less.