Saturday, January 9, 2010

铁皮玩偶 metal robot

但我小时候的玩具已经是塑胶类了, 再大我七,八年的应该就对这玩意儿有一些回忆~

它是我去amcorp mall时偶然发现的. 它就和其他铁皮玩偶站在架子上, 但我一眼就看到它.
问了价钱, 再想想, 走了几圈. 又回去看它几眼, 就讨价还价看看, 不是我心目中的价钱, 又走一走. 年轻人把我叫回来, 跟一个uncle又讲价, 终于还是把它带回家咯~ (`.`)V


我不知道. 就收藏啊~
把锁转上几圈,它还会'走路'哦! 哈~

It was found in Amcorp Mall, when I casually strolled along the flea market stall.
There were quite a few toys there, but I laid my eyes only on it.
I asked a guy to show it to me, so he turned the key on the robot and put it on the floor. It can walk!
So I asked for the price, which I thought is quite expensive, so I just walked away.
After a few rounds in the mall, I went back to look at it again. This time I vowed to bring it back with me. So after bargaining with the owner, not once but twice, I happily put it in my shopping bag and went home (with a grin) hehe~

So one more toy on my crowded table......