Friday, February 26, 2010

DIY: Bag

 This bag has the same materials as my passport holder. 
 I did the sewing work on one fine Sunday in November 2009.


Can you see the difference of this photo and the other 2 photos above?
I started my work in the afternoon, it's night time already by the time I did to this part.

This part is almost done. After attaching all these pieces then it's finished.
But...... machine broke down!
My god, I don't think I wanna continue sewing by hand, as it won't be as firm & nice as machine work~

So the machine was sent to my multi-tasking dad.
And I only got to continue my work during my back home trip for cny.
I used my mom's faithful old type sewing machine.

名副其实的跨年之作! 哈~

When I thought I can invest in a new machine (aiming for Brother hehe), but after my dad checked on the machine, nothing wrong. It's still working.

Haiya, cannot buy new machine~;P
But it's ok, at least I save money now. 
I can get a better machine with a lower price in the future. =)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

DIY: coin purse 口金包

After 2 years I bought the DIY purse making book, I made one finally!

I traced the shape from the book, then drew on fabrics.

Ready with all the fabrics.

 Combine the pieces outer layer, following by the inner layer.


Combining both layers.

Turning inside-out.

Till here it's still easy to make...

...the hardest part is to attach the steel to fabrics.
My fingers were a bit numb after this as I had to pull the thread hard to make sure it's well attached.
The elephant-print-fabric was bought in Naraya 2 years ago.


Ready to serve!
It's really satisfying in completion of this purse. yeah!
I'm ready to challenge myself to make a little more complicated one. =)



Wednesday, February 3, 2010

DIY: camera case for Canon SLR

This SLR is from chenyee's boss. It's being abandoned, actually. (poor you, canon~)
Since my DSLR is not with me and chenyee already has her own, so I took over it, like I'm the owner. I am now. hehe~

It's my first time dealing with Canon camera.

It came to me barely the body and kit lens. nothing else. not even a bag.
I have a Nikon camera bag with me, but it's too big to travel with it as I don't have other accessories to bring along, when I decided to bring it along to my HCMC trip. 

So I made a bag for it.

It's fabrics from jy again. These fabrics are thick and tough enough to protect the camera.

Not much time to take to make this bag, as no special design at all.
Just a bag to protect the camera when I put it in my backpack.

可怜啊被抛弃的slr相机~ 但不要紧, 我来跟你做朋友(虽然我跟canon一点都不熟)。。。

功能呢,只是为了保护它。 因旅行时会把它放在背包里,怕其他的物件会弄伤它。