Monday, January 30, 2012

Book: 食育小学堂-陈惠雯著








Wednesday, January 4, 2012


菊花很难种, 尤其是像我住在这种没草地空间的大楼.
就买花回来摆吧!  也可以至少每两周换一次不同的花.

这次买的大黄菊只有一支, 就足够让家里充满阳光了.

上次买的, 可以耐差不多两个星期.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

A great 2011 & for another great year 2012

Photo taken in Tokyo University, October 2011.

Time flies. Another year comes by.
I'm glad that I had a fulfilling year 2011.
I'd visited Tokyo, my dream destination since teenage year;
I attended guitar class and yoga course, which are on my last year's resolution list;
I quit my job to work as a freelancer, more flexible and carefree;
and I bought a car, mini MPV as I told myself to get one before reaching 30. ;P

What a happening year.

So I started my first day of year 2012 sleeping soon after the fireworks ended by 12.30am and woke up at about 8.30am. Good start I suppose. It's one of my new year resolutions to have a good sleeping hour, hopefully everyday.
Learning new things has been on my list every year. So this year I would like to refresh Japanese language as I only remember very basic stuffs I learned in university.
And I'm still contemplating to take a 2-day Barista course or work in a cafe to learn more about coffee.
Still weighting the pros and cons.
I also want to do more handcrafting, especially sewing that can help me to generate some income.
I want to read at least a chapter of a book or an article before going to bed every night. I hadn't read enough recently.

Oh yes, travelling is still an essential thing for me.
I will have a family trip to Seoul in July, and hopefully I can tag a friend for a Nepal trekking trip in November. But if not, I think I'll still make it by myself to join the troop.

So you have your new year resolutions ready?
Anyway, have a great year ahead!

Photo taken at Hanabi festival in Tokyo, October 2011.