Sunday, May 26, 2013

Paper, light & pataphysics

It was a surprise discovery at Viva Residency when SW and I were to go to Tommy Le Baker at the same row.

Sw saw the shop name carrying title like 'paper' or 'handcraft' something, she was attracted.
We were both fascinated by the paper artworks once we stepped into the workshop.

Paper Light & Pataphysics is a workshop cum showroom for Anne Deguerry Viala's works.
Her artworks can be made into lighting, screen, wrapper, etc beside being a beautiful artwork by itself.

Custom made design is possible too, do discuss with her about that.

Some displayed artworks.

That's lighting on the right.
So pretty~ 

Saturday, May 18, 2013

National Textile Museum, KL

I was in KL to run an errand and finally managed to stop by LOKL to have early lunch.
I always have the thought of doing something or going somewhere nearby whenever I am in the city. Like it's not an everyday thing to be here. So yeah that 'since I'm here I might as well...' thought.

So I remembered there's a Japanese Design exhibition at National Textile Museum nearby Dataran Merdeka. I wasn't sure about the exact location, but I think it won't be that hard to find since it's situated along the busy road.
So I walked from Masjid Jamek LRT station towards Dataran Merdeka. Walking down the busy road, the museum is on my left after seeing KL City Gallery on my right.

I have no idea about our National Textile Museum until I received newsletter (e-mail) from JFKL. The museum is located in an old building that is previously occupied by the state railway. It's a bit like our national museum but at a smaller scale.

Corridor to one of the gallery space, where the Japanese Handmade -Design From Kyoto exhibition is.
The exhibition is going on from 11th-25th May 2013. It's free admission.

The lobby. 

The new lobby with is in glass structure adjacent to the old building.

Afterthought: There were only 3 visitors including me on that weekday noon.
The Japanese design exhibition showcases nice stuffs but quite limited.
The other galleries are something like national museum, in a few separate rooms but no clear signage for what's on inside the galleries.
The displayed items like textiles are pretty, but overall it's a little bit boring to view all of them.
I like the batik gallery, but it was creepy inside with the mannequins while I was alone.
The cafe and the souvenir shop are quite hidden. One has to be a curious person to walk every corner in the building to find out.

I like visiting museums and galleries, especially interesting ones.
Hoping that our local museums could be better and I'll be glad to visit again. :)

26, Jalan Sultan Hishamuddin, 
50050 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Tel:  +603 26943457 / +603 2694346

9am to 6pm daily

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Treasuring old stuffs

I'm glad to see that more people are treasuring old stuffs like used furniture now.

Some refurbish work can help to reuse the furniture that is still useful.
And it has the vintage look too, it's nice.
Somemore most old stuffs had the better quality. So why not?