Monday, January 25, 2010

HCMC 26-30th Jan 2010

I'm visiting Vietnam tomorrow! I'll come back on Saturday night.

Hope I can find unique things to bring back from Ho Chi Minh City. It's previously known as Saigon, also heard that it's like 东方巴黎。 Wait till I see for myself then I'll tell you if it's true. =)

Sunday, January 24, 2010

一个人游城市。很精彩 self-touring in city

早上弄了早餐带去上班(赶工咯),接近三点就到tropicana city跟一位小妹妹ai-yoyo拿我向她买的口金.  她还送我包扣胚呢! 谢谢~
What an interesting Saturday. Due to unfinished work, I had to grab my sandwich and went back to office yesterday to work. I left at 3pm to meet Ai-yoyo as I wanted to buy DIY  stuff from her.


我还没吃午餐的, 但只想吃小食, 看到可爱的ninja joe.
This is my light & easy lunch at Ninja Joe.
It's mashed potatoes+pork nugget.

我再看板上看到mashed potatoes and pork nugget, 好像不错. 这包pork nugget出炉后, 我继续等. 结果店员看着我, 说可以拿去享用了. 我说我在等mashed potatoes, 她指着nugget, 意思是在里面了. 这时我才恍然大悟, 原来是potato+pork nugget. 好糗~

把车放在lrt station, 乘lrt去pasar seni 走走看看新年气氛, 再乘巴士到times square, 走去shaw parade的豆原.
Then I parked my car at lrt station to catch lrt, heading to Petaling Street.
Just to witness Chinese new year feel there.

很有咖啡味的一家咖啡厅. 豆原的人很亲切, 让我点了咖啡后, 还让我看和尝咖啡豆, 再请我去柜台看我的咖啡的制作过程, 还不厌其烦的回答我的问题.
After that, I took a bus to this unique cafe, Typica Cafe. It's located in Shaw Parade.
I chose my choice of coffee from menu with the help of one of the barista, then I was invited to have a look at how my coffee being processed at the counter. I was allowed to ask questions too.
What a cool experience, huh.

手作咖啡送来咯, 我试了曼特宁, 对我来说有点酸, 我较喜欢甘苦的.
还有帮我配的蛋糕. 好好吃~
Here's my coffee and cake. The coffee was a little sour to my liking, as I prefer bitter with a little natural sweetness flavour. I'd like to try cappuccino when I visit again next time. That's my default choice whenever I visit cafe.

下次我再来试我default的选择-cappuccino. =)

趁天黑之前, 我离开豆原到一家有机店去. 就在kimarie的隔邻.
Before the night came, I left this cafe to an organic shop and cafe near BB Plaza.

上一次经过发现了它, 就决定下次要来光顾.


我点的tofu sandwich. 很扎实. 饱了.
This is my tofu sandwich, which was a fulfilling one. yummy too.

这时要去的才是今天的重点-去The Actors Studio看舞蹈表演.
叫做moves & sorts, 由mydance alliance呈献的. 也因为我是mydance member, 所以免费入场哦~
Then only came to the time, my main reason coming to KL -watched dance show "Moves & Sorts" presented by Mydance Alliance. It's a bi-monthly experimental performing art series, called FUSED series.
The next performance is scheduled to present by early April.

左边的是其中一支舞蹈Strings的作品.我用slr纪录那支舞蹈, 等迟些再分享.
右边是belly dance, 可能不对我胃口, 觉得有少少闷, 其他三支现代舞都好精彩!
It was a great night with great performances, especially contemporary dance. I was impressed! 
I'm looking forward to see the next performance already~ =)


DIY: necklace

No, it's not that I made the necklace entirely. Just some add-on to make it more interesting.

This is a pendant that I bought from flea market at Amcorp Mall. A black giraffe.

So I added felt clothes, wanted to represent trees initially. But when I put green, it's too...weird.
Or maybe the colour is too sharp.
So I used blue and grey instead.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

DIY: handphone bag

I've never protected my handphone by making a bag or cover for it.

Since I have lots of fabrics, I might as well make it a 'cloth'. To protect it. =)

Fabrics given by jy, unwanted from office.

Initially I used ribbon to make the border, but not really matching.

So I changed it to plain colour bias tape. And added the oriental 'button'. (what do you call that actually?)

这个套用了蛮长的时间来完成, 因为本来用缎带缝好了,觉得不太好看(我妹看了还皱眉头,真不给脸, -.-''')。 所以我把它拆完,再缝过。

这次做得蛮素的, 所以算简单的手作咯~

Sunday, January 17, 2010


星期五早上的天空. 很美。

星期六不小心睡到早上九点,醒来看到闹钟吓到一下, 这么迟了~
大太阳的上午, 换来倾盆大雨的下午.

星期天七点就爬起来了, 扭扭下身子,泡咖啡, 弄面包, 再翻下杂志,美好的星期天啊!

上图是7.30am, 下图为两个小时后.



当你走在街上时, 请注意各位太太小姐的穿着打扮, 你会发现名牌衣饰和包包已是一种流行了.
美女们拎着L牌, C牌, G牌的包包已是司空见惯的景色了.

名牌=时尚? 当然不一定. 但无可否认, 一些品牌的品质是很好, 很耐用的.
就比如我的平民鳄鱼牌鞋子, 穿了两年, 几乎每天都在穿, 上班时, 逛街时, 旅行时.
除了鞋底被磨平了一点, 还是好好的.
我喜欢走路, 脚型大, 又常抽筋, 基于这些原因, 再听了老师的意见后, 促使了两年前捏着心忍痛花钱买一双好鞋的事. 幸好是值得的.

挑选名牌也是一门学问. 我不太懂这些, 我只注重舒适度及耐用性.
据我所知, 一些买家买名牌是因为它的价值, 日后还可以以可观的价钱卖出.
也看过一些朋友用的名牌, 简单又大方, 价钱我就不太懂了, 但只要是本身买得起, 何乐而不为?

负面的事? 当然也有. 但庆幸不是发生在我身上. 有听说一些女生为了买名牌, 而刷了信用卡, 结果长期在欠银行. 有时候过于追求名牌的后果跟犯上毒瘾没两样, 都是害-死-人.

所以姐妹们, 好好利用名牌, 别让名牌利用了你~

Saturday, January 16, 2010

DIY: Handmade passport holder

A sudden thought hit me on last Sunday, that I should make a cover for my passport, since I didn't even have the plastic cover for it.

So by the time I finished watching Julie & Julia, it's done!

My mini sewing machine is at SP home now (as it couldn't work well the last time I used, so my dad took it back to repair), so this is totally hand-sewn. If I have my machine, I' m sure I can produce it within half an hour. =)

It's not perfect, but it's mine! hehe~

Friday, January 15, 2010

Movie: Julie & Julia

It was a fine Sunday afternoon (well, it's still sunny then but by late noon the rain visited), I was sewing my passport holder while watching this dvd. When I first saw the trailer months ago, I'd got some interest to watch it. (Oh boy, the last movie I watched was Seraphine back in May 2009!)

The movie is as good as I expected. The actors, especially, made the movie looked even greater, other than good storyline and good setting. I love how the way they made the two different stories went along so well, like 'blending' in together, in fact both the main actress didn't even 'meet' each other!

Meryl Streep is always the actress I've confidence that she will act in good movies. And Amy Adams is surprising me, even I didn't watch Enchanted, the only movie I knew she's in. I know she's a beauty, but I never knew her acting is greater~ =)

So go and watch this movie. It's inspiring! Apart from that, Bon Appetit!

You can check out the real Julie Powell's blog here.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Make your own calendar!

I've been talking about this for quite a few years, until last December I finally made up my mind that 'I really have to do it NOW!'

At first I was thinking to print out copies to be presented to friends. But then, that's not a 'green' way. As most of my friends are working, so most probably they will get free calendars from suppliers, shops and clients. So finally I thought I'll just keep for myself - to display as wallpaper on my desktop. That is 'green'~ :) Plus, my desk is so crowded that I've no place to put calendar anymore.

This photo I chose for January as the kid flew the kite by running, it looks like a great way to start a fresh new year~

For February, it's Chinese new year month! Means celebration!

This is how it looks on my desktop.

So try making your own one.
It's simple. Just get your favourite pictures or artworks, type or copy the months and dates, put them into your preferred layout, and voila! It's done, and it's your personal calendar! =)

Saturday, January 9, 2010

铁皮玩偶 metal robot

但我小时候的玩具已经是塑胶类了, 再大我七,八年的应该就对这玩意儿有一些回忆~

它是我去amcorp mall时偶然发现的. 它就和其他铁皮玩偶站在架子上, 但我一眼就看到它.
问了价钱, 再想想, 走了几圈. 又回去看它几眼, 就讨价还价看看, 不是我心目中的价钱, 又走一走. 年轻人把我叫回来, 跟一个uncle又讲价, 终于还是把它带回家咯~ (`.`)V


我不知道. 就收藏啊~
把锁转上几圈,它还会'走路'哦! 哈~

It was found in Amcorp Mall, when I casually strolled along the flea market stall.
There were quite a few toys there, but I laid my eyes only on it.
I asked a guy to show it to me, so he turned the key on the robot and put it on the floor. It can walk!
So I asked for the price, which I thought is quite expensive, so I just walked away.
After a few rounds in the mall, I went back to look at it again. This time I vowed to bring it back with me. So after bargaining with the owner, not once but twice, I happily put it in my shopping bag and went home (with a grin) hehe~

So one more toy on my crowded table......

Thursday, January 7, 2010

My collection: CDs

自己可以赚钱后, 其中一样终于可以做的事就是买唱片.

我买过戴佩妮, 王若琳, 卢广仲, 陈绮贞, 苏打绿, 莫文蔚的CD, 唯一的西洋专辑就是dirty dancing 2的OST. 戴佩妮的我有三张专辑, 第一张拥有的CD就是她的精选辑, 是大学的几个好朋友合资送我的.


百听不厌的~新专辑是出了,但我还没买. 在这里只有进口版,好贵!

她的专辑很多, 我没有本事每一张都买下来, 就买了精选.

很好听, 英式摇滚风, 有一点点coldplay的影子.
苏打绿将推出四季专辑, 这是夏天.

这是春天. 在台南录制.


Sunday, January 3, 2010

MY LOHAS生活志 (台湾版)

(this picture is copied from

这是台湾出版的杂志. 从以前的双周刊到现在的月刊, 好事一桩(就不用等太久了)~
虽然我在这里只可以买到过期的my lohas, 但好过没有咯! XD

他们真的很用心, 除了提供很多有用的日常环保知识, 杂志还是采用取得环保标章的清荷环保纸和环保大豆油墨印刷呢! 他们会报道关于在台湾进行的一些环抱活动, 也没忘了加入外国的案例和活动. 他们还曾经介绍大马热情的岛屿哩!

从2007年第10期至今,我共收集了10了本. 很可惜, 间中错过了好多期, 但还是感恩让我发现到它的好.

这个四月我将登陆台湾了, 到时候就可以买到最新一期了, 很期待~

This is a Taiwanese magazine about LOHAS (as suggested by the name of the mag).
What is LOHAS? Lifestyle of Health And Sustainability. For the explaination for each ofthe word, please look up in english dictionary.

What I love about this magazine is they provide loads of infos and ways of improving the way of living, for a healthier life. They are not only published news in Taiwan, they also gather much informations from every corner of the world.

I used to buy it from a 24-hour convenient store near my office. Although it's always the backdated copies, but I'm satisfied. (better than none, right?) Good that I owned 10 issues already since 2007 no.10, but too bad I missed out many many months of good infos. But still I'm glad that I know about this great magazine.

I'll be landing in Taiwan this coming April, and I hope to get the latest issue there! Ha, isn't that great?

Friday, January 1, 2010

2010: For another great year

2009's been a great year for me. I did what I love, and I'll continue with that this year.
And finally I secured flight ticket to Taiwan with my sis, hooray!
That's a country with full of art, creativity and fun~ I just can't wait to land in that island! =D

I didn't plan to go out on new year eve, as usual. But then a friend of mine asked me to accompany her to have dinner, so I accepted the invitation. Didn't I realize that they are going to stay to see fireworks in 1utama! Hoho, that's why I was there and captured some of the beautiful sparks~