Monday, October 26, 2009

DIY: props 道具

一天, 玩摄影的朋友说要玩主题摄影, 找个模特儿来演绎我们幻想的故事.

听起来好好玩哦, 我的头脑里面就开始编织一些画面了~

一个周末, 我就搬出我的'垃圾', 开始画画剪剪.





说实在的, 这个计划是N月前说起的, 到现在还没用着......

Sunday, October 4, 2009

New home for Actors Studio!

yeah, finally Actors Studio found a new home at rooftop @Lot 10!

but it's kinda hard to find the place, since i'm not familiar with the layout of Lot 10, and also short of signage.

after a few ups and downs of escalator and lift, i reached there at last. lucky that i went there quite early.

rooftop garden
cool, huh?

interior of Actor Studio theatre

yesterday i was as an audience to watch dance performance. this coming December will be my turn to dance on the stage. fuh, how exciting!

all the best to Actors Studio!