Saturday, December 12, 2009

Singapore Design Festival day 2

We had a long chat that night, and by the time we slept was already 3am! ;P It's been that long we had not met with each other, since our graduation.

So we woke up at about 9am, prepared ourselves in less that one hour and off we go~

We were on our way to La Salle College, we passed by this building.
I thought the design is a bit messy, with lines on floor, but organic patterns at the ceiling. Kinda not-so-matching~
Somehow we still played with the mirror ceiling. hehe~

This college of art is so so cool! The building is in assymetrical forms. If you see the building from above, it's like a box cracked up and divided into 6 pieces.
It's just way too cool, I wish HBP was like this......

This is one of the exhibition that I like most during this trip. All the paintings of Mona Lisa were created by Down Symdrome adult patients. Some of the creations are really great, while some of them are irrelevant with Mona Lisa. But they show what were on the creators' mind when they were asked to paint these.

This is a cafe in the college, and I love it too!

I saw these voids and I decided to play with it, like this~

Then we walk to Haji Lane to see another exhibition.

The skeleton was enjoying his fine afternoon~

our destination-Loft. It's a boutique, with a hall behind for exhibition.

Nothing much there. But I love the chair.
By the way, the boutique has a lovely collection, just a little bit expensive.

I met with another friend Teik Yang for lunch, and we walked to SMU after that.

I just couldn't contain my love for these tiles! I wish I had these in my future home~

SMU. I came here for Babazaar, a bazaar about Baba and Nyonya art.

Performance on stage; I love this artpiece.

nice wall!

SMU is not an art school, but they have such an artsy environment~

I visited national library as well. The library is so HUGE, and no restriction on attire. That's great!

One of my ultimate things to do during this trip is to visit MUJI! And yey! I visited and bought this cute eyelash curler and heart-shape pasta.

I wanna go to Muji again.

Singapore Design Festival day 1

I went to this little island at south on last Raya Haji holiday. I planned to spend 3 days there, but because I have to show up on rehearsal for Pebbles 6 on friday, so I departed on that night, reached in S'pore on Saturday morning.
10 hours of train ride. 十个小时的火车行程咧~

Being my host of the trip was Pei Yin, my ID coursemate in USM. 谢谢佩盈!

After leaving my bags at her place, we off to the first destination -City Hall, where most of the exhibitions in.

solar-powered helicopter. 好可爱~

S.O.S. 地球在求救了~

"A vase lives dangerously"


Polish architecture.

After that, we had a walk by seaside, town, and shopping centres. We strolled Orchard Road and had dinner there before we called it a day.

heritage buildings......

......and latest shopping mall in Orchard Road.

christmas decor at Orchard Rd. 琳琅满目的装饰.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

DIY: camera case & draw on mug

My original camera case already worn out, since i'd been using it for 5 years.
So here i made a new one for my beloved dc~

joining all parts together


and also very boring mugs, just added some cheers to them. so that they cheer up my day too!

Monday, November 9, 2009

PIPIT 3rd Anniversary @Annexe

It was a fully-planned Saturday yesterday.

First yinyin & I went to Craftworld @SS2, then we off to Central Market by lrt.

This time PIPIT was so crowded, compared to last year. I didn't have the mood to buy anything, so I just strolled along for a few times. However, seeing these things and people is inspiring~

suitcase exhibition

Mari, the Japanese artist. Her stuffs are cool~

I was planning to go to Macy @Petaling Street to buy some sewing stuffs, but too bad it was raining, which will make walking around a bit difficult.

Yinyin left me & chenyee then, so we both went to MV, just for Kamdar & Artfriend.

yeah, bought these fabrics for my next sewing project! so happy~

Sunday, November 1, 2009

DIY: Book binding

I learnt the technic from my form 3 art teacher, which we all did a book binding as one of our art project. It was fun! and useful, too.

This is my 4th handmade book.

Just collect those used school exercise book, tear out the non-written parts (need a few books to get enough thickness). Clip to hold them together, and nail holes along the binding side. Pull threads through the holes to hold the papers together.

Use any hardcover paper, which here i used magazine cover. Cut to the size of my book.

...and wrap up with favourite wrapper. I usually use magazine to wrap. Obviously, this time i use Subway's sandwich wrap to make the cover. Of course, it's clean. ;P

Combine them together by sticking a paper on both.

And I save money on buying notebooks. =)

Monday, October 26, 2009

DIY: props 道具

一天, 玩摄影的朋友说要玩主题摄影, 找个模特儿来演绎我们幻想的故事.

听起来好好玩哦, 我的头脑里面就开始编织一些画面了~

一个周末, 我就搬出我的'垃圾', 开始画画剪剪.





说实在的, 这个计划是N月前说起的, 到现在还没用着......

Sunday, October 4, 2009

New home for Actors Studio!

yeah, finally Actors Studio found a new home at rooftop @Lot 10!

but it's kinda hard to find the place, since i'm not familiar with the layout of Lot 10, and also short of signage.

after a few ups and downs of escalator and lift, i reached there at last. lucky that i went there quite early.

rooftop garden
cool, huh?

interior of Actor Studio theatre

yesterday i was as an audience to watch dance performance. this coming December will be my turn to dance on the stage. fuh, how exciting!

all the best to Actors Studio!