Monday, January 30, 2017

Book: 打造梦想面包屋


两位作者-面包师和建筑家充满热情和坚持一起把Boulangerie Jin这家面包店的新样貌完成了。而且现在还是人气高涨,是很多喜欢面包的人想朝圣的地方。(我也是!)

Tabiyo Shop, Seremban

Here's a little stationery shop in Seremban, Tabiyo Shop.
It's situated along a one-way busy road in the middle of the town, where you can easily reach the shop from KTM station and bus station.

You could just gaze at the busy street while enjoying the tranquility inside the shop. 

(Will post more photos once the film is processed)

 Calendar year 2017.
11 months of cats and 1 for dog.

How I spent my almost-3-hours there? 
Checking out all the oh-so-pretty items, reading the magazine collections of the owner while sipping filter coffee with cookie, writing notes to the new owner of the calendar (to post to a friend), and sketching.

I love the ambiance.

Visit them here
92 Jalan Dato Bandar Tunggal, 70000 Seremban

or online

Monday, January 16, 2017

Reading book list 2016

My reading list was in a mix of languages. 
Some are my own books while some I borrowed from friends.

1. 给自己的10样人生礼物 -褚士瑩
I borrowed this book from the library inside a yoga centre, Journey Within.
It's a collection of his articles published in magazine.

2. Alice's Adventures in Wonderland -Lewis Carroll
My sister's collection.

3. Through The Looking Glass -Lewis Carroll
My sister's collection.

4. 手冲咖啡 -丑小鸭课室

5. 北海道央男子休日 -男子休日委员会
My sister's collection.

6. The Monocle 100
My sister's collection.

7. 给未来的旅行者 -蓝白拖
Borrowed from a friend.
Not my type, I prefer the one (book no. 13 in my list) from the same author.

8. 梦想很近,开一家人气面包店 -由川美由
I bought the book from Cite Bookstore.
I read it before from colleague. then I decided to keep one for myself.

9. A World Without Bees -Alison Benjamin & Brian McCallum 
I borrowed the book from Justlife office.
Good read.

10. The Outsiders -Albert Camus
I found it on the bookrack inside the house I stayed in Hurdal Ecovillage, Norway.
Good read.

11. 俄罗斯的鸣响雪松 -弗拉狄米爾.米格烈(Vladimir Megre)著,王文瑜、王上豪译
My ex-colleague recommended this book.

12. 咖啡飘香100年 -田口護
I bought it from Cite Bookstore.

13. 给回来的旅行者 -蓝白拖
Borrowed from a friend.

14. 言花 -魏如萱
Borrowed from a friend.

15. 家餐厅。一个人好/不寂寞 -小野
Borrowed from a friend.

16. The Alchemist -Paulo Coelho
My sister's collection.

Pottery: Indigo

Made at The Clay House, Melaka.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Pottery: Lagoon series II

Lagoon series II.
Made in The Clay House, Melaka.

Since I'm staying in Melaka now, I come to The Clay House for my pottery making, instead of A Touch of Clay in KL.
Well, the owner of The Clay House is the student of Mr Cheah, the owner of A Touch of Clay. I feel at home at both places. :)

Sunday, October 30, 2016

The Clay House, Melaka

Since I moved to Melaka last month, I have to miss my usual pottery session at A Touch of Clay in Segambut, KL.
But soon enough I found out The Clay House at Jonker Walk has classes.

So finally  I got my touch on the wheel again there!
I'm so happy~

Making pottery with this kind of ambiance: sunlight and afternoon breeze, these made a nice therapy.

I managed to pull 3 cups (or bowls?) during my 2-hour session.
I can't wait to go back to the trimming before they are sent to the oven.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Upcycle project for plant

The big C metal frame was from an event. We were about to discard it, but feel 'sayang' to do so.
I still put it in my balcony garden until one day I saw a tutorial of a  botanical project that sparked me the idea to reuse the metal frame.

So I got some gunny sack to wrap the bottom (I sewed it with thread), put in soil and it's done.
Then I cut some of my existing plants to grow in their new 'house'.

Hope it works well!