Monday, January 16, 2017

Reading book list 2016

My reading list was in a mix of languages. 
Some are my own books while some I borrowed from friends.

1. 给自己的10样人生礼物 -褚士瑩
I borrowed this book from the library inside a yoga centre, Journey Within.
It's a collection of his articles published in magazine.

2. Alice's Adventures in Wonderland -Lewis Carroll
My sister's collection.

3. Through The Looking Glass -Lewis Carroll
My sister's collection.

4. 手冲咖啡 -丑小鸭课室

5. 北海道央男子休日 -男子休日委员会
My sister's collection.

6. The Monocle 100
My sister's collection.

7. 给未来的旅行者 -蓝白拖
Borrowed from a friend.
Not my type, I prefer the one (book no. 13 in my list) from the same author.

8. 梦想很近,开一家人气面包店 -由川美由
I bought the book from Cite Bookstore.
I read it before from colleague. then I decided to keep one for myself.

9. A World Without Bees -Alison Benjamin & Brian McCallum 
I borrowed the book from Justlife office.
Good read.

10. The Outsiders -Albert Camus
I found it on the bookrack inside the house I stayed in Hurdal Ecovillage, Norway.
Good read.

11. 俄罗斯的鸣响雪松 -弗拉狄米爾.米格烈(Vladimir Megre)著,王文瑜、王上豪译
My ex-colleague recommended this book.

12. 咖啡飘香100年 -田口護
I bought it from Cite Bookstore.

13. 给回来的旅行者 -蓝白拖
Borrowed from a friend.

14. 言花 -魏如萱
Borrowed from a friend.

15. 家餐厅。一个人好/不寂寞 -小野
Borrowed from a friend.

16. The Alchemist -Paulo Coelho
My sister's collection.

Pottery: Indigo

Made at The Clay House, Melaka.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Pottery: Lagoon series II

Lagoon series II.
Made in The Clay House, Melaka.

Since I'm staying in Melaka now, I come to The Clay House for my pottery making, instead of A Touch of Clay in KL.
Well, the owner of The Clay House is the student of Mr Cheah, the owner of A Touch of Clay. I feel at home at both places. :)

Sunday, October 30, 2016

The Clay House, Melaka

Since I moved to Melaka last month, I have to miss my usual pottery session at A Touch of Clay in Segambut, KL.
But soon enough I found out The Clay House at Jonker Walk has classes.

So finally  I got my touch on the wheel again there!
I'm so happy~

Making pottery with this kind of ambiance: sunlight and afternoon breeze, these made a nice therapy.

I managed to pull 3 cups (or bowls?) during my 2-hour session.
I can't wait to go back to the trimming before they are sent to the oven.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Upcycle project for plant

The big C metal frame was from an event. We were about to discard it, but feel 'sayang' to do so.
I still put it in my balcony garden until one day I saw a tutorial of a  botanical project that sparked me the idea to reuse the metal frame.

So I got some gunny sack to wrap the bottom (I sewed it with thread), put in soil and it's done.
Then I cut some of my existing plants to grow in their new 'house'.

Hope it works well!

Sunday, July 31, 2016

More pottery works

I spent the whole morning just to carve the pattern on this.
But the outcome pleased me. :) 

Another seascape set. 

The only work from the wheel this time. 

Shining green set.
I wish the glazing was a little bit thinner.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Magazine: Odd One Out

A very charming local indie magazine, Odd One Out Magazine. Nicely designed layout and great articles, not forgetting all the photos were taken with analogue camera!