Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Movie: Daisy (2006)

It's not a new movie, just a random one I watched lately.
It's a sad and beautiful Korean movie shot entirely in Amsterdam.

It's a tragic love story between a Korean girl and 2 guys -one police officer and another one an assassin.
Good story and beautiful setting, just that the story was a bit over narrated when there were some unnecessary flashback scenes in between.

Well, I'm not here to talk much on that.
I was quite attracted to the loft style living spaces in the movie.
I couldn't help myself but to pause the screen to see clear of the setting. ;P

Here are some snapshots of the houses from the movie that I particularly like.

Loft no 1.
Spacious and all white/monotone.

Loft no 2.
Double volume space to have a mezzanine floor as bedroom.
There's skylight too.
Also I love the working table in the middle of the hall!

A cottage house all in creamy colour.
Doesn't it look lovely as a holiday house?

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Bicycle Shorts II by Village Bicycles

Bicycle Shorts II presented by Village Bicycles screening selected short movies about cycling. All the selected movies were good but the last one, "With My Own Two Wheels", moved me a lot.

Here's the trailer.

Truly inspiring.

Monday, July 1, 2013

It's GTF 2013!

We never wanted to miss the good George Town Festival.
Art can make a city vibrant and lively.
And Penang knows that well.

 One of the painter said in Hokkien "someone's gonna take our photo, let's smile!"

I was told the old building behind the fencing will be refurbished. I asked them why paint the zinc fencing? "nicer ma~"

The first mural we found.
 The big cat! and the black mice.