Saturday, January 16, 2010

DIY: Handmade passport holder

A sudden thought hit me on last Sunday, that I should make a cover for my passport, since I didn't even have the plastic cover for it.

So by the time I finished watching Julie & Julia, it's done!

My mini sewing machine is at SP home now (as it couldn't work well the last time I used, so my dad took it back to repair), so this is totally hand-sewn. If I have my machine, I' m sure I can produce it within half an hour. =)

It's not perfect, but it's mine! hehe~


  1. nice color combination, love the polka dots fabric ^^

  2. XY: polka dots is timeless! =D

    Alex: oh, i thought who's there~ hello!
    u serious? i can make one for you, but have to wait for my machine to come back first~

  3. ya!! i like the things u made!!!! the colour and fabrics vintage, girly.. just utterly lovely ^^ will bug u next time when i am back for good on how to do all those!

  4. Alex: oh thanks! sure can, till we meet next time, have great life in uk~