Wednesday, January 20, 2010

DIY: handphone bag

I've never protected my handphone by making a bag or cover for it.

Since I have lots of fabrics, I might as well make it a 'cloth'. To protect it. =)

Fabrics given by jy, unwanted from office.

Initially I used ribbon to make the border, but not really matching.

So I changed it to plain colour bias tape. And added the oriental 'button'. (what do you call that actually?)

这个套用了蛮长的时间来完成, 因为本来用缎带缝好了,觉得不太好看(我妹看了还皱眉头,真不给脸, -.-''')。 所以我把它拆完,再缝过。

这次做得蛮素的, 所以算简单的手作咯~


  1. i got more, and bigger piece, save some for u...

  2. oh thanks!
    i'll need a material library soon haha~