Sunday, October 30, 2016

The Clay House, Melaka

Since I moved to Melaka last month, I have to miss my usual pottery session at A Touch of Clay in Segambut, KL.
But soon enough I found out The Clay House at Jonker Walk has classes.

So finally  I got my touch on the wheel again there!
I'm so happy~

Making pottery with this kind of ambiance: sunlight and afternoon breeze, these made a nice therapy.

I managed to pull 3 cups (or bowls?) during my 2-hour session.
I can't wait to go back to the trimming before they are sent to the oven.


  1. Hi, Im Felix currently study in First City University College. Im doing some of the case studies for designing pottery studio which I need more information to persuade my agreement to the studies.
    1) How much it cost per section class?
    2) Do they do the renting for putting pottery art work on shelf for sale?
    3) Do they do marketing to help u sell your art work and give u some profit?
    4) Do they have any charges in the studio?
    5) How much mostly they sell for pottery?
    Hoping to get your reply, Thank you

    1. Hi Felix,

      So sorry that I rarely check on comments recently (as I didn't get any notification too). I hope you'd got your info and research done. All the best!

      Chia Yee