Sunday, June 13, 2010

Save the tree?

These t-shirts were exhibited in 1utama Shopping Mall recently.
Of all the t-shirts, this is one of my favourite.

I'm in the construction line, so I deal with timber quite often.
Either as flooring, door and window, or furniture.

People says constructing=destroying.
It's indeed true.
We cut trees to decorate our living spaces.
 Unless we reuse old plank, or replant the trees.
But it takes years to grow.

It makes me think.


  1. We were watching some contractors cutting down a few trees in our factory compound some years ago, and an ex-boss (an Aussie) said, "It takes 15 bl**dy long years for a tree to get this high, but it takes only 15 minutes to cut it down." I had to agree with him. It was all for 'development'... I wonder why we call it 'development' when we are actually destroying things?

  2. The tee u like is designed by a Malaysian designer based in Singapore. He is my friend also ^_^

  3. minifanfan: oh really!
    the design is simple and nice, and brings thoughts too~
    and he has an awesome blog! thanks for the link~ =)