Monday, June 21, 2010

DIY: mitten

All the while we've been using one small piece of old cloth to handle hot kettle.
I have to fold it properly so that it can stop the transmission of the heat from handle to my hand,
and also covering my hand to avoid the heat of the steam when pouring hot water.
It's not as convenient as using mitten to carry it.
I've been wanting to make a mitten long ago, but only yesterday I'd finally made one. 
(procrastination bug is attacking again~)

Cut out fabrics according to the size of your hand.
Make sure to have at least extra one inch from the perimeter.
Trust me, you wouldn't want to squeeze your hand into the mitten to use it.

I make it 3 layers-one outer layer for the outlook, one inner layer of plain fabric and a layer of wool between them.

My new machine is making my life so much easier! So easy to use, and see, it has light some more~ ;P

I used newspaper so that the wool won't simply come out.
After sewing, tear out the newspaper.

The mitten is done!
I add the ribbon so that I can hang it in the kitchen.
Now, can you spot the difference?

Yes? No?
Clue: Look properly at the inner fabric.

Initially I was using white canvas, but the mitten was too small that I have to squeeze my hand into it.
(See? I've told you~)
Then I decided to make another, and within an hour I'm done!
Practice makes perfect, right?

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