Saturday, June 12, 2010

DIY: toothbrush holder

This is the measuring cup of fabric detergent.
As every pack comes with one cup, so after some times I collected quite a few already.

I was thinking, shall I recycle or how can I reuse it?

Then one day I was glaring at my nearly 5-year-old toothbrush holder, I thought it needed a change.

I tried to think of what can I use to be the new toothbrush holder, that's when this measuring cup came into my mind.

I trimmed the base of the cup, then cut out 2 u-shape to hold the toothbrush.
To make the holder not too boring-looking, I drew some pattern on it.

So this is my new toothbrush holder~

I purposely made the brush not to contact with the holder, so that it won't stick to the dirt and dust collected on the holder like the previous one.  
It may not look good, but it's economical and practical. =)

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