Tuesday, December 20, 2011

'New' space of mine

I'm still at the same space, just that I added a box on my table.
For display and storage.
My table is kinda long and lean, so not enough space for me to put things.
(I know I keep A LOT of things) XD

So I picked up an unwanted cabinet being dismantled from a client's house, and cover it up with leftover wallpaper, and now it's mine.

Still kinda messy as I haven't tidy up everything.
My drawer and side book cabinet also still in a mess.

Let's make it for a new year, a 'new' space!


  1. 哇﹗你的東西還真是多。有置物櫃就比較整齊了。
    你的"camera drybox"真特別 :)

  2. 是咯,什么都要收~