Wednesday, December 7, 2011

In the festive (ahem, holiday) mood

Year end. Holiday. Christmas and new year!
Although I'm not really celebrating Christmas, but why not drown myself into this festive mood?
Selangor provides a lot of public holidays in December, this year even better with holidays fall on Sundays leading to replacement holidays on Mondays. 
Woohoo, long weekends!

Also, it's a great reason for gatherings too.
I had an early Christmas gathering with my ID gang last Sunday at sw's house.
We had a great time, really. :)

Lovely dinner prepared by sw and jy.

Us before dinner.

Gift exchange.

I got this cute notebook and post-it-note from yy. :)

I requested sw to help me buying these 2 latest magazines from Taiwan.
She gave them to me. Thanks!

A souvenir from sw too, a postcard on 101.

Here's my e-card for everyone here:
Merry Christmas and please welcome New Year 2012!

Time to make a resolution list~

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