Sunday, December 18, 2011

Art For Grabs + Human Rights Day

I joined my sis to attend Art For Grabs at The Annexe Gallery @Central Market last Saturday.
Poskod Talks was presented by in conjunction with Human Rights Day, about how communities create a better KL.

Speakers from left: Yeoh Lian Heng, the founder and director of Lost Generation arts space;
Nova Nelson, a producer of HEAR & NOW;
 and Fahmi Reza, a social activist who is an active participant in Occupy Dataran.

We were 'babysitting' a little girl, whose parents were involved in the talk. She wanted to shop outside (that's Art For Grabs), so I accompanied her.
We stopped at this cute stall for a few times.

Finally she bought something for her mom, so she asked a pen from me to write a note to present with the gift. How sweet~

Recognize the ring? You can bring it home with just paying RM77 instead of 77mil. Lol.
How cool is that. And the 'ring' looks good~

If you've been to The Annexe, for sure you will pass by this interactive floor image at door from Central Market to The Annexe Gallery.
We were having fun with that! ;)

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