Monday, November 9, 2009

PIPIT 3rd Anniversary @Annexe

It was a fully-planned Saturday yesterday.

First yinyin & I went to Craftworld @SS2, then we off to Central Market by lrt.

This time PIPIT was so crowded, compared to last year. I didn't have the mood to buy anything, so I just strolled along for a few times. However, seeing these things and people is inspiring~

suitcase exhibition

Mari, the Japanese artist. Her stuffs are cool~

I was planning to go to Macy @Petaling Street to buy some sewing stuffs, but too bad it was raining, which will make walking around a bit difficult.

Yinyin left me & chenyee then, so we both went to MV, just for Kamdar & Artfriend.

yeah, bought these fabrics for my next sewing project! so happy~

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