Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Inflight movies for 12 hours journey

(This is not a movie review)

What to do in a long distance flight? For me, movie, eat, sleep. And repeat. Once I got to my seat, I will always search for movie list first, as I hardly go to the cinema normally. 

华丽上班族 (Office)- 哇周润发陈奕讯张艾嘉汤唯天心 粒粒巨星。舞台剧场景,很美。我还是喜欢汤唯。The Departure, not a new movie, but a very good one. 

My palms sweat when I watched The Walk. Joseph's French accent is quite funny. 

Children of Iron, a very simple Japanese movie about a marriage that brings two families together, but the kids aren't happy with it. They decided to work together to make them divorce. I thought it's a comedy but it's actually a sad one.

Well, I don't really understand everything they said in The Big Short, but I like the way they presented some facts by having some stars randomly to tell you what's going on. 

Apart from these, I watched shows by Nobu, Jamie Oliver and Nigella Lawson. Yeah, food.

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