Friday, August 24, 2012

Walking barefoot on soil

We had an organic farm visit in Bangi on one Sunday morning.

Do bring kids and yourself to the farm so that none of you will think that carrots are from supermarket.
Also how the farmers grow vegetables without pesticide.

GK Organic Farm

 Eating banana together with skin while listening to brief by farmer Mr Gan.

Walking barefoot while visiting the farm to feel the soil, and also to release static from our body.

Mr Gan the farmer with misai kucing, the great plant that can cure illness.

We ate it fresh from the plant. It's very crunchy and delicious!


Corn plant.


Fig tree.


A chance for us to plant vegetables.

Roselle. The leaves are sour too.

They cleared the messy leaves before we came so that we only need to dig out the sweet potatoes.
Each of us brought home a pack of sweet potatoes too.

Extremely good organic buffet lunch!

 Compost in the making. At least 6 months is needed to produce them naturally.

GK Organic Farm

For farm visit / programme inquiries (9am - 6pm)
Phone: +(60) 12-3866 078 


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