Sunday, August 19, 2012

Popular BookFest 2012

The annual thing that is marked in our calendar-it's here again!

When I said I won't visit and buy books anymore, I lied. Haha~

So we were there yesterday which was also the first day of the book fair.
The admission fee is slightly adjusted from RM2 to RM2.50.

Nevermind, it's still worthwhile for the bargain.

 Here are the books that 3 of us got.

Also Lisa Ono's CD for myself. Yey!

 陶晶莹 Momoko Tao's book.
We eyed on it long ago, and this time I picked it up.

 The new magazine publication from Taiwan.
We had the first issue which we find it good.
These are real bargains as it's only RM9.90 per copy.
Chenyee bought the first issue for near RM20 from Kinokuniya.

Shopping Design.
I bought almost every issues.
Backdated ones for RM7.80 per copy.


  1. I was there too on the 1st day. You definitely will buy something when you go to the fair.

    1. Ya, expected already when I decided to go. :)

  2. may i know where can i get the shopping design magazine in malaysia?? i really love it thou...

    1. Hi Yi Huan,

      You can get the backdated copies from Popular bookstore and sometimes
      If you wish to get the latest copy, you can go to Kinokuniya.

      Cheers! :)