Saturday, March 31, 2012

Kodak Instamatic 133

This is an instant buy from an antique shop in Central Market.
I was browsing through the collection of the shop owner, a Chinese uncle from Penang.

When I was taking photo with my PEN EE-3, he asked me how much I got it.
I said RM40, from a flea market in Tokyo.
Then he brought out this camera to show me.

"It's yours for RM30. You want?"
I didn't think much to grab it.

I did some research online, only then I found out that it uses cartridge film, which is kinda hard to get now.
I went to ask in a few camera store in KL but no one is selling.
I guess it will be just a collection of mine, I don't mind. :)

However, if anyone knew where to get the film, do let me know.

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