Friday, March 23, 2012

Penang Hill revisited after almost 18 years

My last trip to Penang Hill was that long ago, when I was about 11.
Now that they have a new train that almost can be described as 'shooting up to the hill top'.
Very fast, indeed. Compare to the old style one la.

After the visit, we headed to Straits Quay.
Our initial plan was to visit the weekend flea market, but it was a quite not-so-lively one.
Maybe I'm so used to flea markets in Klang Valley which are very much livelier.

Dinner at Yeng Keng Hotel Cafe & Bar was also a random one.
We were going to get our dinner at Nostalgie but it's closed.

So we change our plan.
This was also my first visit to this Restaurant. They also operate a hotel attached to it.

Nice old style environment, and it was a nice dining experience too.
Food was quite good and the best is their prompt and well-mannered service.

The funny part was they dimmed the pendant light every time they serve desserts.
So cute.

All photos were taken with Canon EOS300 paired with expired film Kodak 400.

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