Wednesday, February 8, 2012

年十四。灯佑苏丹街 Light A Lantern, Save Jalan Sultan



People gathered at Jalan Sultan to support the people's choice of re-alignment of the proposed MRT line and also to object Land Acquisition. 
This is the subsequent of the news where the residents on the street have to vacate their properties during the six months or so of tunneling works for the KVMRT project, while the government will also be required to strengthen the heritage buildings should they be affected by the works underground. 

They will be compensated, however there was no guarantee that the acquired Jalan Sultan properties would eventually be returned to the owners although the authorities were working on a solution to allow traders to return to their Chinatown lots being acquired for the KVMRT.

 The authority placed a board for people to voice out the thoughts for the MRT project. But will they take it seriously?

See Yap Ah Loy s?

Got the chance to witness Thaipusam parade by 12am.
They were walking towards Batu Caves, which is far far away.

Pudu cultural map for RM10. Worthwhile! Loving it.


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