Thursday, February 23, 2012

Handmade -passport holder cum organizer

I've been missed from handcrafting for quite some times.
Luckily my cousin ML asked me to make her a passport holder/organizer last year, so I tried to squeeze some moment for the making. I'm glad she did, really. :)

She showed me photos from the internet for the rough idea of what she wanted.
So I did the remake.

Both the polka dot and London fabrics were bought in Taipei's 永乐市场.

From here (and she promoted my handmade to her friends, haha) her two other friends ordered the organizers from me.
I've learned a lot from here, also tested my patience as I had to redo and redo again for the imperfect part.

 The 3 organizers. The piggy fabrics also from the same Taipei trip.

The inner parts.

I have no perfect sewing skill, but I did put in my love and effort in the making.
I hope they will love them. <3

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