Thursday, November 10, 2011

Drama: 我可能不会爱你 In Time With You

I'm watching this drama recently for 2 reasons:
1)I like Ariel Lin and 2)the director, 霍友宁.
Both of them work together previously on another hit drama and a sequel, 恶作剧之吻&恶作剧2吻.
They are both great in their respective positions.

I'm hooked with the drama now, which I have to wait to watch one episode a week.
I like how they present the story from a 30-year-old lady's point of view (hmm, maybe because I'm almost the age too). 

Love the setting of the drama, and also the room of Ariel.


That's the remaining structure of the floor slab and just adding a piece of glass on top.
It's part of her room which is on the top floor/attic of the house.
Oh please leave behind the thought of privacy, k? :)
 How cool!

And a short drama in it is awesome too!

The short drama 收信快乐 is also featuring 万芳, which is quite a surprise to me with her appearance.
She's a great singer, by the way.

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