Friday, October 28, 2011

Yokohama 横滨

Yokohama is one of my favourite place during my last trip to Tokyo.
I did plan to visit for the second time after the outing with LW and LC, but time just didn't allow me to do that.
If I go to Japan again, I'll sure revisit Yokohama. :)

Heading to Chinatown.

We had buns to fill a part of our tummies first before we had proper lunch.

We had our lunch here, with very nice decor.

Walking towards seaside.

Looks like a nice cafe. The coffee making is inside the van.

Seeing so many couples dating here, we pretended to date too. haha~

Such a huge dog! Adorable~

Red brick house. We had our dinner here.

My omu rice (delicious!) and our green tea beverages from Nana Green Tea.

It's like a food court, but more stylish la.

Staircase inside the Red brick house. Cool lighting.

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