Sunday, August 29, 2010

Info sharing: Mocha UK

I love online browsing of artsy stuffs.
Today I see something that I thought is lovely and just wanna share about these great ideas.
Dunk Mug 
 designed by Dominic Skinners
How brilliant the design is!
You can have your coffee with your favourite cookies without the hassle of preparing another plate.

Wire Blooms Cable Tidy Clips
You have your wiring neat and tidy, also as a decor in your space.
Isn't that great?

These items could be found on an online shop in UK named Mocha.
They have a lot of other creative and cute stuffs too.
Just check them out!

p/s: No, I don't advertise for them. 
Just a pure sharing~ cheers! =)


  1. simple but very nice & creative.thx for sharing

  2. aw... i love the mug with secret stash!

  3. yaya..! i want to get one =P