Thursday, July 29, 2010


This is my second visit to MAPkl, for exhibition of LUCT's graduating students and sharing by a few artists.

It was begun with Butoh dance by Nyoba Kan' dancers.

A huge DIY pillow.

Guests of the exhibition were asked to doodle on the board, hence the flying robot and my foot.

Speakers for "Journey Sharing" :(from left) Lee Swee Keong, a dancer; Nikolai, a chef; Wong Wai Lam from Peekfreak; Chin Yew, an artist; and Henry Lee, a creative advertising lecturer.

Next up was a conversation with Adrian Yap from KLUE.

Too bad that the performance by Lapar Lab in Black Box had to be missed, as the time was clashed with the "Journey Sharing" talk. 
It's not supposed to happen, as the dance was scheduled to start on 4.15pm, but it wasn't on time. I was looking at a rehearsal and following by singing band. I was confused as no one was there to announce the delay. Only when I asked a staff, I was told that the dance will only start in another 1/2 hour, so I had to leave for the talk which will start first.
And even the talk, which is scheduled on 4.30pm, also started late.

Never mind. 
Let's check out the cool toilet.

That's drawing on the toilet cubicles.
Cool, ain't it?
Here's the ladies' and gents'.

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