Saturday, July 24, 2010

cute little POCO Homemade, Bangsar

Me and my sis went to POCO for dinner after shopping at Bangsar on a raining Sunday.

This cute little cafe sits in a quiet neighbourhood on Jalan Kurau in Bangsar.
It is run by an artsy couple, Mer Mer & zzz.

Most of the decor and selling items are of their creations. 
A lot of inspiring things to see~

They sell Japanese style food.
We had creamy green tea and coffee for drink, and Japanese curry rice to fill up our tummy.
We were keen to try their homemade cake, but unfortunately there's none left for us.

Hope to see they can be better and better as not many cute and independent cafe like theirs here.
Good luck!

Find POCO at:
1, Lorong Kurau, Bangsar 59100 KL.  
Business Hours
Tuesday - Sunday 
12pm - 9.30pm


  1. we also unable to try their famous tofu cheese cake=.=

  2. shell: yalo, hope got the chance to taste it when revisiting poco~ =)

  3. is the environment very quiet? Scare if I bring Sam there, she will spoil the ambiance :P

  4. choiyen: there were only 2 tables of guests when i was there, but they do play music.
    Sam is not that noisy la, i think they'll be glad to have kids around. who knows Sam will be quiet when she's in the oh-so-calming environment. =)