Tuesday, February 9, 2010

DIY: coin purse 口金包

After 2 years I bought the DIY purse making book, I made one finally!

I traced the shape from the book, then drew on fabrics.

Ready with all the fabrics.

 Combine the pieces outer layer, following by the inner layer.


Combining both layers.

Turning inside-out.

Till here it's still easy to make...

...the hardest part is to attach the steel to fabrics.
My fingers were a bit numb after this as I had to pull the thread hard to make sure it's well attached.
The elephant-print-fabric was bought in Naraya 2 years ago.


Ready to serve!
It's really satisfying in completion of this purse. yeah!
I'm ready to challenge myself to make a little more complicated one. =)




  1. cute, like the elephant... ^ ^ my friend bought me a british cottage photo frame from Naraya, very lovely prints too

  2. ya, their fabric is nice. but i didn't buy any bag, princess-like is not my style ;P

  3. quite complicated work wor....great job!!!

  4. cuteeeeee... i like! i can never have the patience :P

  5. choi yen: it's quite, but the book helps a lot. =)

    wen: thanks~ i still got one more to do, maybe will buy more soon. do you want this? or i make another one for u?

  6. wow~hihi~1st time come to ur blog..haha
    无意间found ur blog~haha~
    ur purse are nice~haha~jia you jia you~

  7. ai-yoyo: hello!thanks! finally got to make one~ =)
    hope you have fun time in college too~