Monday, April 11, 2016

A walk in the Valley of Hope

A guided tour in Sungai Buloh Leprosy Settlement.
This settlement, a heaven-like place in a valley in Selangor, was officially opened in year 1930.
Leprosy patients, placed in a centre in Setapak earlier, moved here. The condition of the centre was so terrible that it's like transferring from hell to heaven to them.

 We have architect Teoh Chee Keong sharing on architectural design of Sungai Buloh Leprosy Settlement. It's the second largest leprosarium in the world.
The town planning of the settlement is a sample for the urban planning in later years.
That explains why our neighbourhood is called 'garden'.

This building used to be a warehouse for the settlement is a gallery now.

 A monument for a delicate care taker who died of Leprosy disease.

We can feel the cooling effect of the building design by standing inside here after walking around under the hot sun.

Not only they have their own school, they have a scout troop too! 

 A nice cabinet found in the clinic. It's for storing the patient's data.

A part of the laundry room. The building is now a warehouse to building materials.

 A vertical garden formed naturally on this little house. It was couple's house for married couple in the centre.

 I like this house design very much! The tiny house with a chimney is the kitchen.

The serenity calms me.
That's cemetery at far back. 

Carpet grass plantation.

 This is the place where the community got their daily supplies last time.

 The wonder of nature always leave me in awe.

The guided tour ended with Eannee's presentation about the humanity side of the project.
She and some activists together with the residents are keen to preserve the historical place and also to become UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Her passionate act is so encouraging. Kudos to her!


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