Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Movie: Daisy (2006)

It's not a new movie, just a random one I watched lately.
It's a sad and beautiful Korean movie shot entirely in Amsterdam.

It's a tragic love story between a Korean girl and 2 guys -one police officer and another one an assassin.
Good story and beautiful setting, just that the story was a bit over narrated when there were some unnecessary flashback scenes in between.

Well, I'm not here to talk much on that.
I was quite attracted to the loft style living spaces in the movie.
I couldn't help myself but to pause the screen to see clear of the setting. ;P

Here are some snapshots of the houses from the movie that I particularly like.

Loft no 1.
Spacious and all white/monotone.

Loft no 2.
Double volume space to have a mezzanine floor as bedroom.
There's skylight too.
Also I love the working table in the middle of the hall!

A cottage house all in creamy colour.
Doesn't it look lovely as a holiday house?

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