Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Please welcome 2013!

Here comes year 2013! (not the end of the world yet, ahem)

I don't fancy celebration in crowd, nor a big fans of firework.
But since I stay so near to happening places and fireworks were presented, and so fortunate that I moved to this unit with balcony facing these places, so we might as well celebrate at home.

Chenyee made cookies and we had them with camomile tea in pot.
Yeah, we moved the foldable table to the balcony.

Fireworks from various spots.
Noted those beelines of cars? They were stuck in the traffic jam for quite some times.

Well, my ultimate wish is to stay healthy as I fell sick since last weekend and yet to recover till now.
Health is wealth, I couldn't agree more. Thanks to the sickness too, it reminds me about that.
Being sick and couldn't eat and work properly is no fun at all.

So be healthy everyone!
Happy 2013~

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