Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Fuyoh Art Bazaar May 2012 @Publika

On the same day we attended BIG weekend, there's art bazaar going on at the same place too.

For coffee lovers~

I tried coffee from The Espresso Lab finally~
It was awesome!

They have fruits and vege ones too.

Having fun with make-your-own-pottery session with the guidance from the teacher.
I paid RM15 to try out the pottery making and another RM15 for the firing process.
I'll either pick it up from their studio in New Era College, or wait for the next art bazaar to meet them at their stall.

Artisan jam.
All walks of life.

 Very pretty jewelry made of silicone and stainless steel.

I bought banana chocolate jam, RM8 for this size.

Here are banana pie and apple pie.
Both were good, but I think it will be better if they were baked longer time.

F.A.B.! Fuyoh Art Bazaar - Publika's arts and crafts bazaar at Art Row every last Sunday of the month.


  1. Wow,they heated the paper cup as well.
    You don't fancy espresso do you? I always see latte art on your coffee :)

    1. I'm just not sure if I appreciated espresso, yet. so always has milk to penetrate.

      maybe next time~ :)

  2. i started with the cafe in USJ 21, once tried, love it.

    1. oh that cafe, I've yet to visit.
      I plan to start with Espresso Lab. Soon, hopefully. :)

  3. 你好,