Thursday, May 10, 2012

Our World Children’s Art Exhibition 2012 @Jane Yap Atelier

I was invited by my dance teacher's daughter to this exhibition where her artworks were featured along with the other students from Jane Yap Atelier.

I like how the kids presented their own ideas as (I think) no theme given for them to produce their works.
At least they didn't show like duplicating others' style.

 A part of the kids' artworks.

That's my favourite on the top right. :)

 Artwork by the teacher Jane Yap.

A cute story of an apple and an orange. :)

 Here are Xinnie's!

 Also featured an artwork by Yap Hong Ngee, father of Jane Yap, also a famous artist.
Find out more about him here.

The exhibition was at The Space @Citta 22-26 April 2012.


  1. awhs! too bad i missed it! looks nice!

    1. it's ok, i think it's an annual thing.
      but meanwhile just have a look at some of the works here~ :)