Monday, January 3, 2011

New year 20!!

I started my new year in hectic and laid back at the same time, which I was least expected.
Minutes before everyone shouting 'happy new year' and watching fireworks, I was still working in the office.
I was just hanging at home whole day on 1st of January.
Does that symbolise my year 2011? =)

I love busy life with some moments of going away from it.

My year 2010 was great as I was busy in living a life.
Yes, i mean A L-I-F-E.
Working, dancing, travelling, cooking & eating, sewing, taking photos etc.
I've finally changed job after staying for 4 years at the previous company.
I'd performed dance, learned choreography and also choreographed my own solo dance.
I'd been to Ho Chi Minh City and Taipei last year.
I cook and eat at home whenever I can.
I bought a good sewing machine and I sew bags for myself, and also gifts for friends.
I started to play film photos with an abandoned Canon film camera. I bought a Ricoh semipro camera.

 This year I'll be busy attending weddings.
I still wish to get a good DSLR.
I'm thinking of attending a class, maybe yoga or guitar.
I'm still learning to become a better designer.
I want to go for more vacations.

That's the way I like it.
And I'll continue whatever I'm doing.

Happy new year!

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