Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Walkabout in KL city (Islamic Art Museum & Lake Garden)

Since we're passing by National Mosque, we thought we might as well do a visit.
But that hour was not open to non-Muslims (must be praying time then), so we went on to walk to Islamic Art Museum.

An adult is charged by RM12, be it Malaysian or non-Malaysian.
Actually I've been here once to do research for a project last year.
 They have special exhibition every now and then, so I still see something different from my previous visit.

Decorative ceiling inside the museum.

The cafe inside the museum.
Very nice interior.

After that, we walked to Lake Garden which is in the same area as the museum.
It looked like going to rain anytime.

It was 5pm when we reached the garden.
Not many visitors yet. I only saw some families and joggers when it's near 6pm.

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