Thursday, April 1, 2010

April is here!

April is such a beautiful name, right? This is the month for spring to come, for some countries.
And yes! I 'm visiting a country with spring for the first time in my life, I'm landing in Taiwan soon!

I've been talking about going to this island for many many years, finally I awarded myself with this trip, this year.

So now I've been so busy at work, as I have to get most of my works done before I go for my one-week-holiday. Till then, enjoy life! =)




  1. fantastic sewing material shopping!!!!!!!! GOOD GOOD!!! I am going on september ... still need to wait... T_T

  2. hoyoyi: yey! great shopping in 永乐市场! you must go!

    i found pinking scissors nearby there, but costs rm100+ for a good one. another lower grade one is rm50+. i didn't buy any.
    how much is yours?

  3. I bought SGD 40... :p less that RM100. But is a Japan brand, not sure is clover or not i will check when i go back, post ur shopping result cepat cepat... hehe

  4. i see. i was trying to look for one with cheaper price there. but since the price is almost the same as here, so i thought i might as well get it in pj/kl area.

    still need some time to 'settle' the photos, as I've been busy with work since i came back. loads of them -.-|||

    but do stay tune!