Friday, March 5, 2010

Stuffs from HCMC

My Ho Chih Minh City trip was not a memorable trip as my previous trips. It's a hot and chaotic city, thanks to the hot weather and heavy traffic. Motorbikes are everywhere. We had to cross the road like a blind man. YES, just walk steadily without waiting for the cars and bikes to stop. They NEVER stop. haha~

But having said that, I'm still happy that I got some unique things for friends and myself.

I bought quite a lot of things for myself. From clothes to bag to purse.

This bag was love at first sight. I think it's the shape that I looked at.
But after using it only I found out that it is not really good to use.

The colour and pattern of this dress is attracting me!
Yeah I know that maybe I could get it easily in kl, but I never thought of buying it.
Maybe it's the travel bug~ ;P

I never bought this kind of dress, this one is the first.
I bought it at night market outside Ben Thanh. I thought it's quite cheap la.
This was on my list already even before I landed in HCMC. 
I saw this in a travel book, and I vowed to get one.
I went to the street mentioned in the book, but to my horror it's not there!
So I asked people next to the shop, then they pointed to another shop a few doorsteps away.
It's a sister shop to the one I was looking for, so the kind shop assistant passed a leaflet to me that got the new address for the shop.

So we went to look for it the next morning, and yes! We found it!
It's only USD3 for the stamp, which the elephant pattern is ready made, and the craftsman just carved my name on it.
I was a happy girl then. =)

...And some fabrics from Chinatown market and Ben Thanh market.

This purse was purchased at a small handicraft shop opposite Rex Hotel.
It's for USD8, and I thought it's at a good price.
Cute, ain't it? 

Last but not least, Vietnam coffee!
I'm a coffee lover, and it's impossible for me for not bringing back some coffee. haha~
I will try it soon, since my current one is finishing.

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